Swamp Mats

Used for Temporary roadways to transport Marcellus Shale gas well equipment, backhoe or vehicles into swampy areas without disturbing the natural landscape.  Swamp mats are per-assembled in panels that are normally manufactured using Hemlock timbers, 8 inches thick x 48" wide x 20ft in length.  Swamp Mat can be solid or notched. If the mat are notched, the notch will be 24" in from the end of the mat and 6"-"10" in width. 5 bolts will be used with the end bolts being 1'6" from the ends of the mat and the other 3 bolts will be evenly spaced between the end bolts. Bolts are made from 1" rod and flat stock for the head. . Nuts and washers are counter sunk. Each pad is drilled and bolted together so they are ready for use right off the truck. When your company needs temporary road pads, we can provide you with exactly what you need.


Hemlock Swamp Mat


 Swamp Mats for Marcellus Shale Gas